I got the plans of the timber work from Architects NJ Anthony based in Carrick - on Suir Tipperary in June 1996.
A general idea of a large colour burst of stained glass for the centre cross was required.
I made a four ft scale model of what I though would do and submitted it to the church committee, they agreed with the idea and gave me the go - ahead.
To calculated how much glass I would need to buy I drew out a quarter of the actual size of the cross on the church floor, this gave me the amount.
The remit was that no lead, copper foil or silicone was to be used, so I bought "Locktite" UV curing adhesive and UV lamp.
I was able to glue the stained glass to plate glass and install as it.
St Oliver's church Clonmel is a modern space with a soft seat for all, with 12 main timber beams holding the structure, one for each apostle.
The alter screen is made up of three crosses to represent Calvary.