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69 Honeyview Estate

Clonmel Co Tipperary


Hello and welcome

I am based at 69 Honeyview Est. Clonmel Co Tipperary Ireland.

This is my 17th year working with stained glass; I have approximately 350 different glass samples for you to view. I offer a large range of design to suit all tastes. Believe me when I say each person I meet has a different design and colour taste, which is great as the variety of work is so interesting.
I've worked with people with magnificent house's to people with horse drawn barrel wagon's and it was most challenging to meet their needs but I hope I have fulfilled their wishes and made a lot of friends in the course of that time.

I have done commissions for people in the U.S. Russia, and France not forgetting all over Ireland.
I have a diploma from U C G in tutoring in the art of stained glass, and at different times of the year, I take on students to train. Some learn as part of an overall art course and some students work on a specific project. I also have given adult classes in stained glass.


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